Running Injuries

It is not uncommon for runners to develop repetitive or chronic pain problems. For example, Achilles Tendinopathy and greater trochanteric pain syndrome are very common running injuries in our athletes. In most cases, these pain problems occur in areas that are the ‘weakest link’ in the kinetic chain. However, they are not always the area that is causing the pain to develop.

At Garneau Chiropractic Health Clinic our first goal is to help reduce your pain. Once your pain has subsided, we evaluate how you move in a pain-free state. We will evaluate the movement of your back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet, as well as reviewing your walking and running gait. As a result, we can screen for dysfunctional movement patterns that are contributing to the development of your running injuries, aches, and pains.

Just an easy 5km around the track

For example, if you have excessive foot pronation or hip abductor weakness, you likely will develop knee pain. This is due to increased knee collapse during your running gait.

Our experts guide you through the best treatment strategies. In office and home care strategies will help reduce your pain and also keep it from becoming a long-term problem. This will allow you to keep running longer, further and faster, injury free.