Neck Pain and Headaches

You may be experiencing neck pain for many different reasons. Some people develop pain after an accident, such as a whiplash injury, or direct trauma. Other people it is due to their job, poor posture, or stress. Often times when people experience neck pain, they may start to also experience headaches and migraines. 

In a traumatic incident such as a motor-vehicle accident, there is often soft tissue injury. The muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints become injured. This tissue injury causes localized inflammation, which can lead to pain. It is not uncommon for pain to begin hours or even days after a traumatic accident. Depending on the severity of the injury, it can hours, or several days for the pain to begin.

In severe cases, the spinal discs in the neck may also become injured, or herniated. This can often result in pain or numbness shooting into the arm, upper back or chest. Another sign that there may be nerve involvement is tingling in your hand, weak grip, constantly dropping things and pain in your hand or arm.

Having neck pain sucks

Neck pain and headaches are not uncommon for the office worker or driver either. This is often due to spending all day sitting in a stationary position. Poor posture can lead to the joints and muscles in your upper back and upper neck becoming stiff and tight. As a result, gradually over time, people start developing symptoms. It may start as being ‘stiff and tight’ or ‘achy’. This often times is a warning sign. If you don’t change something, you are likely headed towards developing neck and shoulder pain, and possibly headaches or migraines.

By understanding the mechanism of your problem, and the structures that are involved, our team of chiropractors and massage therapists can help with you overcome your neck pain and headaches.