Back Pain

Back pain is a huge problem. It affects up to 80% of Albertans. It can impact your ability to work, play with your kids, do household chores, and do what you need to do. For many people, this causes a tremendous amount of unwanted stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, many people accept this as a ‘normal’ part of life. At Garneau Chiropractic Health Clinic, we want to redefine your definition of ‘normal’. We help people get the relief they deserve, so they can get back to life-free from pain.

Traumatic Injury 

If you suffered an injury, it is easy to understand why you now you have back pain. You may have lifted something heavy, slipped and fell down, or were hit.  In these situations, there is a clear cause and effect. The trauma causes an injury, and pain ensues.

That hit has got to hurt!

With traumatic injuries, often times symptoms do not start immediately. They can start to develop over a couple of hours or even days. This in part is due to the inflammatory cascade that takes place after the injury. It isn’t uncommon for the ache to intensify over a couple of days or a week. What started as an ache and tightness turn to unrelenting pain.

These types of injuries can be devastating. They can impact your ability to work, to continue playing your sport at a high level, even being able to walk normally. That is why it is important to get evaluated soon after your injury. Prolonging treatment can sometimes lead to a longer recovery time.

“I Didn’t Do Anything” Pain

This is the more common reason for back pain. There is no apparent trigger. It ‘just started for no reason’. In these situations, it is likely that the problem has been building up over some time. Long hours of sitting, poor posture and repetitive strain injuries gradually build up and eventually cause symptoms. This causes stress and strain to builds up in the different tissues in the back. Eventually, there comes a breaking point and symptoms begin. Back pain changes things. It affects your ability to work and play, and do what you need to do. This causes undue stress and anxiety. We help people get the relief they deserve, so they can get back to life-free from pain.

The most common question people ask is ‘where is my pain coming from?

There are many potential pain generators in the back; Intervertebral discs, spinal joints, rib joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves. Irritation or inflammation to any of these structures has the potential to cause pain. Often more than one structure is involved. For example, if a spinal joint is inflamed, it will affect the muscles and ligaments that attach into and cross the joint. The nerve that travels close by may also become affected, which may cause symptoms to travel down the leg. This is commonly known as sciatica.

Whether you are suffering from back pain due to a traumatic injury or for some other reason, our team of chiropractors and massage therapists can help. They first identify the cause of pain, what the best solutions are to help stop your symptoms, and effective strategies to limit the chance of them returning.